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Dr. Dana Koch grew up in Langhorne, PA.  From an early age she was passionate about animals and knew she wanted to become a veterinarian.  This dream led her on a path to discover a true love and respect for animals, medicine, and the human-animal bond.  Her path to achieving her ultimate goal took her through many years of studies including a biology degree from LaSalle University, a master’s degree in laboratory animal medicine from Drexel University and then her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Dana’s professional interests include preventative medicine, dermatology, dentistry, exotics, specifically rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.  She loves working with senior pets and helping to make their remaining years as comfortable as possible.  She is passionate about international medical mission and has participated in nine of these trips in various countries performing high volume spay and neuter in countries with an overpopulation problem.

In 2018 Dr. Dana completed her certification in animal acupuncture through the Chi University. Acupuncture has provided many pets with an alternative treatment option for various disease processes.  Dr. Dana fully supports continued learning experiences and that is why she also completed a certification in animal rehabilitation in 2022.  This discipline in veterinary medicine has shown to improve mobility, lessen recovery times post surgeries, and provide many animals with relief from chronic conditions.

In her spare time she enjoys playing tennis, running races, traveling and spending time with her fiancé Stephen, and her rambunctious Pitbull named Griff . Dr. Dana started a non-profit organization called Kitten Mittens and Wagging Tails. The charity provides resources and assistance to animals in need, while also educating others on animal related topics.


Vanessa Garcia, originally from Northern New Jersey, relocated to Philadelphia in 2008 for work. Vanessa attended school for Massage Therapy and always had interest in anatomy and physiology with a particular interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation. After completing school, she practiced for some time and then life took a turn and she found herself in the Travel industry where she has been and now owns her own travel company. Throughout this time Vanessa met a sweet and sassy cat named Seven who quickly became her best friend.

Seven was a great cat and for years was Vanessa’s companion. When Seven became sick with Chronic Kidney Disease, Vanessa decided it was her mission to learn everything she could about the disease to help other animals or pet owners in need. Unfortunately, Seven’s disease had progressed too quickly and she passed away in August 2020. 

In October of 2020 Vanessa adopted Daisy, a Beth Stern Foster, with stage 2 kidney disease that was surrendered due to her condition. Vanessa knew Seven had sent her Daisy and she has focused on keeping her happy and healthy. Daisy is the center of Vanessa’s Instagram account @SevensDaisy and helps her mom educate others through conversations with her mom, Dr Dana and her best friend Winston.

Vanessa enjoyed veterinary medicine so much she became a veterinary technician in March of 2021 and in additional to her travel company, currently works alongside Dr Dana with the goal of helping current patients, new patients and supporting animal causes.

Griffen aka Griff the little monster

Hello my name is Griffen aka Griff the little monster!  The first few weeks of my life were challenging but I am a fighter and a survivor.  The day I met my human mom was when she found me in the parking lot of her veterinary office.  I was traveling alongside my sister in a box labeled “sick puppies.”  When the box was opened the first face I saw was my human mom looking very concerned.   She told me to fight hard and that she would help me feel healthy again.  I tested positive  or parvovirus – a deadly, but preventable disease that destroys a dog’s digestive tract.  A vaccine can easily prevent this from being transferred from one dog to another.  After 5 days of around the clock care including fluids, nutritional care, anti-nausea medications, and antibiotics I started to feel better!  I was so hungry and decided to start eating everything in sight! Now I am nearing my first birthday and I love my life.  I enjoy all the best things in life including peanut butter kongs, cooked chicken, long walks around the neighborhood, naps on the bed, and sessions of tug-of-war with anyone that is willing to play.  I’m working hard with my trainers to be the most well behaved dog I can be and I look forward to celebrating my birthday with all the people that love me!


Penny is an athletic and kind three legged cat who was brought to Dr. Dana 7 years ago.  A good samitarian found Penny severely injured in her yard and brought her to the veterinary office. 

Dr. Dana had to amputate her injured leg and then decided to give her a forever home.  Penny loves climbing her cat tree, snuggling with Luna and watching her humans from afar.

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